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Get to know our skilled team of electrical professionals who are committed to delivering top-notch service with unwavering dedication and unparalleled knowledge in the field.

Avoid Common Electrical Issues With Generators, Panels, and Heat Tape.

We assist homeowners in avoiding common electrical problems such as blackouts resulting from under-serviced power grids, panel fires caused by overdrawn or outdated electrical panels, and freezing issues arising from poorly insulated pipes. We resolve these issues through high-quality services and equipment, including generator installation, new panel installations, and heat tape installation.

Our Team

We are a dynamic team of skilled professionals committed to delivering high-quality electrical solutions, combining personal attention with dependable service.
Kyle McSparron
Brock Cox
Konner Chanell
Brody Cox
Alex Salazar
Nick Vermy
Levi Greco
Scott Ward
Wesley Washington
Bryce Zannino
Andrew Green
Todd Kern
Tom Perry
Philip Lowe
Anthony Grasso

About Blue Sky Electrical Solutions

We are a premier electrical company serving South Lake Tahoe, renowned for setting high standards in electrical services and solutions.

Company History

We have established ourselves as a leading provider of electrical services in South Lake Tahoe, evolving over the years through dedication to quality, constant learning, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.
In 2010, Blue Sky Electrical Solutions Inc. was founded with a mission to offer first-class electrical services to homeowners, businesses, and contractors in the Tahoe area.
By 2012, the company secured its California and Nevada licenses (CA Lic 1014055, NV Lic 0081185), marking its commitment to legal compliance and professional service.
The company expanded its offerings in 2014 to include both commercial and residential services, along with emergency service calls, catering to a broader range of electrical needs.
In 2016, Blue Sky Electrical Solutions began a campaign to constantly raise the bar in the electrical service industry by delivering solutions to the highest possible standard.
By 2018, Blue Sky had firmly embedded itself within the Tahoe community, emphasizing the importance of solving electrical problems conveniently for its busy clients.
In response to growing demands, the company announced new employment opportunities in 2020, aiming to foster talent and extend its exceptional service footprint.


We envision a future where our cutting-edge electrical solutions power every home and business, fostering a connected and sustainable community.


Our mission is to provide unparalleled electrical services that ensure safety, enhance convenience, and elevate the quality of life for our clients.